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Symbolically adopting a wild killer whale will connect you with one of these amazing animals. With your monthly contribution, you will receive

✓ A symbolic adoption certificate
✓ Updates on Ocean Wise killer whale conservation efforts and opportunities to hear from marine mammal experts
✓ Ocean Wise monthly newsletters with the latest on exciting ocean conservation initiatives
✓ A consolidated tax receipt for the full amount of your donation at the end of the year

Give the gift of a symbolic adoption

You can share the joy of symbolically adopting wild killer whales with your loved ones. Simply select an animal to symbolically adopt and complete the form. They also will receive all the benefits of this symbolic adoption!

Select a Whale or Matriline to Symbolically Adopt

Each whale has been identified with its scientific number, adoption name, gender and year of birth. When you adopt a matriline, you are symbolically adopting a killer whale family.

Individual Whales

A female northern resident killer whale rescued in 2002 and now thriving in the wild
A young male killer whale born in 2018, Venture is a member of the A5 pod.
Named after Eclipse Point, Eclipse is an adult female killer whale born in late 1997.
Stanley, a Bigg’s killer whale, is named after the famous Vancouver landmark Stanley Park.
One of the most famous wild killer whales, she was observed carrying her deceased newborn's body in 2018.
A charismatic young female southern killer whale born in 2003.


This matriline consists of the famous northern resident Springer (A73) and her two calves Spirit (A104) and Storm (A116).
Led by Shachi (J19), they belong to J pod one of three southern resident pods.
Family members in this southern resident matriline include Tahlequah (J35) and others seen in the feature film, Free Willy.

Your monthly support through the Killer Whale Adoption Program will support a range of conservation activities at Ocean Wise, including the Marine Mammal Research Program’s killer whale research and other conservation activities that protect our ocean and the animals who call it home. Ocean Wise is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the oceans are healthy and thriving.

For more information about the killer whale adoption program, please contact us at [email protected].