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Springer (A73)

Springer is a young female killer whale born in 2000 and named after Springer Point, on Sonora Island at the south end of Johnstone Strait (50°18’00″N 125°13’00”).

Springer is quite the celebrity! After her mother, Sutley (A45), died sometime in 2001, Springer showed up alone and in poor health in Washington State’s Puget Sound in early 2002. She was just two years old. Approaching dangerously close to boats, her behaviour and physical condition were a growing cause for concern. A group of experts, including a team from the Vancouver Aquarium, successfully rescued, rehabilitated, and released her back into Canadian waters.

In the weeks following her release, Springer was spotted with members of her family’s pod. Recognized by her calls, she was slowly welcomed back into her own northern resident community. Although Springer rarely travels with her A24 matriline, she is most often sighted with her adopted family, the A35 matriline and a female killer whale named Nahwitti (A56). Springer now has a family of her own. Spirit (A104) was born in 2013, and Storm (A116) was born in 2017.