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Surf (A66)

Surf, named after Surf Inlet on the north coast of British Columbia (52°57’00″N 129°01’00”), is an adult male killer whale born in 1996. Surf is the second offspring of Sonora (A42). He has four younger siblings – sister Current (A79) born in 2004, sister Cameleon (A88) born in 2008, Albion (A103) born in 2013, and new baby sister, Ashlar (A114), born in 2017. Surf became an uncle in 2018 when Current gave birth to her first calf. His older sister Kelkpa (A57) died of an infection in late 1996. Researchers were able to recover Kelkpa’s body, providing an excellent opportunity to learn more about killer whale anatomy and allowing Kelkpa’s memory to live on through education. Surf and his siblings used to travel with their aunt Havannah (A28) but sadly, she passed away in 2012. His grandmother Licka (A8) died in 2002.