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Tahlequah (J35)

Tahlequah is perhaps one of the most famous wild killer whales in the world. She made headlines in July 2018 when she was observed carrying her deceased newborn’s body around for 17 days in what became known as a tour of grief. Tahlequah was born in 1998 and gave birth to her first calf, Notch (J47), in 2010 who is still alive and well. To the surprise of researchers, Tahlequah became pregnant and successfully gave birth again September 2020.

Tahlequah’s well-known mother, Princess Angeline (J17), unfortunately passed away in the summer of 2019. She has two younger siblings, brother Moby (J44) and baby sister Kiki (J53). She is also an aunt to her late sister, Polaris’ (J28), daughter, Star (J46). Genetic studies revealed that Tahlequah’s father is a male from L pod, Mega (L41).