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The A42 matriline is part of the A5 pod of northern resident killer whales and is made up of matriarch, Sonora (A42) and her family. Sonora, born in 1980 and named after Sonora Island (50°21’26”N, 125°16’08”W) near Campbell River, gave birth to her first calf, Kelkpa (A57) in 1991, making her one of the few whales known to have become a mother at the early age of 11 years old.

In early 1996, Sonora gave birth to her son Surf (A66), named after Surf Inlet (52°57’00″N 129°01’00”) on the north coast of British Columbia, but later that same year, young Kelkpa died of an infection while near Powell River. Researchers were able to recover Kelkpa’s body, providing an excellent opportunity to learn more about killer whale anatomy and allowing Kelkpa’s memory to live on through education.

In 2004, Sonora gave birth to Current (A79), named after Current Passage (50°24’40”N, 125°52’36”W) at the southern end of Johnstone Strait, and her family continues to grow with the birth of her daughter Cameleon (A88), named after Cameleon Harbour (50°20’34”N, 125°18’36”W) on Sonora Island in 2008, Albion (A103), named after Black Albion Point on the coast of British Columbia (49°45’59”N, 124°23’46”W), in early 2013, and her newest calf, Ashlar (A114), named after Ashlar Cove (50°16’06”N, 125°21’27”W) on Quadra Island, in 2017. In 2018, Sonora became a grandmother when Current gave birth to her first calf, Venture (A119).