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Adopt the J17 Matriline

The J17 matriline belongs to the southern resident pod of killer whales known as J pod. Princess Angeline (J17) born in 1977, was the head of the matriline before she sadly passed away in 2019. She was named after the daughter of Duwamish elder Chief Seattle who Seattle is named after. Princess Angeline left behind three surviving offspring: daughters Tahlequah (J35) and Kiki (J53), and son Moby (J44). Her oldest daughter Polaris (J28) and Polaris’ youngest calf Dipper (J54) sadly passed away in October 2016. Polaris’ older calf Star (J46) is still alive and well.

Tahlequah, is now the oldest female in the family and perhaps one of the most famous wild killer whales in the world. She made headlines in July 2018 when she was observed carrying her deceased newborn’s body around for 17 days in what became known as a tour of grief. Tahlequah was born in 1998 and gave birth to her first calf, Notch (J47), in 2010 who is a very active whale, often seen spyhopping and showing off with his young family members. To the surprise of researchers, Tahlequah became pregnant and successfully gave birth again September 2020. Tahlequah and her family also travel with J22 and her offspring. Tahlequah can also be seen with other members of her pod in the feature film, Free Willy.