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The J4 matriline belongs to the southern resident pod of killer whales known as J pod. Shachi (J19) is the family matriarch and has one surviving daughter, Eclipse (J41). Shachi became a grandmother in 2015 when Eclipse gave birth to her first offspring, Nova (J51). Shachi and family also travel with her nephews, Blackberry (J27) and Mako (J39), and niece, Tsuchi (J31) and her daughter, Tofino (J56) – their mother Blossom (J11), Shachi’s sister, died in 2008. As a teenager, Blackberry spent a lot of time with pod mate Mike (J26) and together they made a very mischievous pair. After Blackberry’s mother died, he took over the role of caring for younger brother Mako and the two are inseparable.